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How much time are you spending organizing your business instead of growing it? Hint. It’s more than you should. Blue Yeti can take over your to-do list and get everyone you work with on the same page.
Blue Yeti was designed to turn pain into performance. A web-based online platform, your entire team can log in from anywhere to collaborate and execute. The secret to Blue Yeti is seamless hand-offs – you know the status at any time and can activate everything with maximum efficiency.
  • From the moment where a business opportunity is identified until the last bill, Blue Yeti tracks every aspect of a project through its entire life cycle.
  • Document the work to be done – By Customer, By Project, By Task. But a growing business can’t be consumed with internal systems. That’s why Blue Yeti lets you document with the fewest clicks possible so more time is spent working than tracking.
  • Assignments can be given with details and deadlines. No need to find that magic time to brief your team at the same time. Blue Yeti lets you brief everyone who is working on the file in more efficient ways.
  • File sharing – Blue Yeti lets you share documents so they exist exactly where you are working on them and helps you make sure you are looking at the latest version. Stop searching and keep working!
  • Communication is key – Blue Yeti keeps you out of your inbox with tools to reach out and reply in the same platform where the work is being done. Everyone who stops to open their email gets distracted so keeping your team focused on the work while giving them the tools they need to communicate is a time saver.
  • Reporting – You can’t manage what you can’t measure. From financial analysis, overall performance to individual timesheets, Blue Yeti reporting and analysis can help you plan, forecast and show you how profitable you have been.


Today's workforce demands flexibility and freedom. Progressive companies know you you will need employees to be able to work from anywhere. But if you have more than one employee you need them to collaborate to get projects done on-time and on-budget. Blue Yeti combines the functionality of several other tools on the market but integrates the functionality on a single platform, in real time.

A disorganized employee is unproductive and disengaged. That’s bad for morale and worse for your brand. Using Blue Yeti gives your team necessary control over budgets, timelines, quality and services. The combination of these is critical to successful execution and customer satisfaction.

As a business owner or leader, you need to create a level of radical transparency to see what’s happening but becoming a ‘digital micromanager’ won’t generate revenue or growth. If you can’t get a handle on your own business, why should anyone hire yours?
Blue Yeti reduces silos, improves tracking, drives accountability and helps manage job profitability– ask us for a free demo today.

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